2023 Spring Advanced Workshop April 14-15 with Raissa Miller Ph.D.


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We offering this workshop available both in person and online. You can attend live in Boise Idaho at the Fredriksen Insurance Boardroom or you can choose to attend via Zoom. (Please select type of registration you prefer.)

We are also excited to announce that group discount rates are now available when you register online. Just add at least 3 people from the same organization on the same registration and the discount will automatically show up in the shopping cart.

Teaching and re-education were fundamental elements to Alfred Adler’s approach to helping. Alongside authentic relationship building efforts and expressions of encouragement, Adler shared ideas about cognitive, affective, and behavioral functioning relevant to an individuals’ mental health. Adler was clear, however, that human experience cannot be reduced to physical or chemical forces. He rejected the medical model in favor of a more humanistic, holistic approach. Where then does this leave Adlerian-aligned mental health professionals who wish to integrate contemporary neuroscience findings into their practice? This presentation will focus on a specific approach to neuroscience integration, neuroeducation. Neuroeducation is a humanistic, process-oriented framework of neuroscience-informed psychoeducation. The presentation will include an exploration of Adlerian theory and contemporary neuroscience research, a detailed review of neuroeducation history, principles, and processes, and a discussion of ethical and effective implementation of neuroeducation practices. The presenters will offer ideas for content-specific neuroeducation activities related to neuroplasticity, brain development, memory, autonomic nervous system functioning, and embodied wellness practices, as well as provide time and support for participants to create their own neuroeducation activities relevant to their specific areas of practice.

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