Course #1 September 21 & 22 – Pocatello ID, Adlerian Theory of Personality


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Course #1 Alderian Theory of Personality and Development & Family Functioning

Course Objectives: To understand the the pioneering nature of Adlerian Psychology and their application to an understanding of human development and human difficulty

  • Holism
  • Social Embeddedness
  • Life Tasks
  • Teleology
  • Creativity/Uniqueness
  • Phenomenology
  • Striving for superiority
  • Gender Guiding Lines
  • Inferiority Feelings and Inferiority Complex
  • Community Feeling (Gemeinschaftsgefuhl)
  • The Development of Lifestyle
  • Family Atmosphere and Family Values
  • Psychological Birth Order Vantage

To Understand the “Democratic Revolution” and its impact on all human relationships, including parent/child and family relationships.

Download Pocatello Brochure for Fall 2018