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ISIP is excited to announce our 2022 Annual Conference!

“An Adlerian Approach to Supporting Teens and The Families They Live In”

This year we are planning some exciting opportunities for our annual conference. We are planning to offer this conference both in person at the Riverside Hotel in Boise Idaho and Virtually online via the Zoom platform. We realize that there are current concerns with COVID-19 and are doing what we can to ensure a safe and successful conference. During registration participants will select whether they are attending in-person or virtually through Zoom. All participants will receive the information needed to attend virtually in case a situation arises that they cannot travel to the conference. In the event that Alyson will not be able to travel due to COVID restrictions she will provide the conference virtually.


This year's presenter will be Alyson Schafer. The title of the conference is "An Adlerian Approach to Supporting Teens and The Families They Live In". This is a practical workshop for helping practitioners and parents understand adolescents from a bio-psycho-social perspective, using an Adlerian framework, and how to guide parents and teens towards happier, healthier functioning.

The Idaho Society of Individual Psychology is an organization of people in Idaho who are interested in furthering the concepts of Individual Psychology, the psychology of Alfred Adler.

The Idaho Society of Individual Psychology (ISIP) has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6525. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. ISIP is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

What is Individual Psychology?

Individual Psychology is a philosophical approach to understanding human behavior based on the teachings of Alfred Adler. Individual Psychology helps us understand that all of our behavior is purposeful and the purpose for behavior is to find a meaningful place in any group. Individual Psychology is also based on the idea that all human beings have goals for themselves as demonstrated by their behaviors and those goals can help the individual achieve meaningfulness in their life. Individual Psychology emphasizes behavior that is based on mutual respect, social interest and cooperation.

Who are we?

ISIP, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, was formed in 1977 and it’s sole mission is to further Adlerian training. The Idaho Society of Individual Psychology (ISIP) has been offering Adlerian psychology workshop training to social workers, counselors (private practice, agency, and school) and other mental health professionals in Idaho since 2001. ISIP also presents an annual conference.

Each year two workshops are offered in each of the cities where training is provided, leading to Certification of Professional Studies in Adlerian Psychology. ISIP also offers two workshops every year in Boise leading to a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Adlerian Psychology. Over 300 counselors, social workers and therapists have graduated from the Series. About thirty mental health professionals have completed the necessary 5-course requirement of the graduate program. A large number of mental health agencies take advantage of the 20% discount for sending 3 or more from their agencies. These are the folks who are out there in the “white water” when it comes to providing mental health services to their communities.


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