About the Idaho Society of Individual Psychology (ISIP)

What is I.S.I.P?

ISIP is an non-profit organization of people in Idaho who are interested in furthering the concepts of Individual Psychology.

Photo of Alfred Adler
Alfred Adler

Individual Psychology is an approach of understanding human behavior and working with individuals based largely on the teachings of Alfred Adler.  It stresses that people are social beings, thus most behavior is related to interacting with one or more individuals. It is also based on the idea that individuals make assumptions about life and set goals for themselves. These assumptions and goals can be constructive for the individual and the other people with whom he or she relates, or they can be non-constructive and sometimes destructive.

The goal of Individual Psychology is to encourage individuals to develop behavior that is based on mutual respect, cooperation, and social interest.

What is I.S.I.P’s Purpose?

This society is organized and shall be operated exclusively to further educational and scientific objectives and for no other purpose.

What are the Objectives of I.S.I.P?

  1. Provide an opportunity for people to share in applying individual psychology to education, medicine, business, family, and mental health.
  2. Encourage personal and professional growth.
  3. Encourage research in and stimulate the further scientific development of individual psychology.
  4. Assemble a library relating to Adlerian psychology for use by the members.

When do I.S.I.P members meet?

An annual conference is held each spring. The purpose of the conference is to allow members to share ideas and participate in activities led by recognized professionals.

Who can belong to I.S.I.P?

ANYONE interested in furthering the objectives of the Idaho Society of Individual Psychology and cares about relationships.

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