Welcome To The 2021 ISIP Virtual Conference Landing Page!

Here you will find all you need to have a great conference experience. We will post the Zoom Link and other document links on this page prior to the conference for you to quickly reference if you have questions or need anything.

Handouts for Anthea Millar's Presentation:
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Healing Trauma through Connection

Handouts for Jody Malterre's Presentation:
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Handouts for Practical Adlerian Approaches to Trauma Throughout the Lifespan

Slides/Notes ISIP Conference Slide Deck

Idaho PP 4 handouts (updated)

Anthea's Presentation on ‘Case Conceptualization and Trauma’ which is available on Adlerpedia - scroll down to the 7th lecture shown (You’ll also see a general lecture on trauma (3rd one down)


Handouts for Charles Pohl Presentation:
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Ethics and the Seven Deadly Sins. Objectives and Bibliography

Thank you for being here!